What we do

Suspension Smith is a leader in tuned motorcycle suspension. We tune everything from race bikes, to dirt, touring and commuting. Laurie offers his personal service so you get the best possible results for your bike. Every job is personalised for the individul rider so that the bike becomes a true extension of the individual. Laurie […]

The $50 Set up

Suspension Smith offers great value in it’s $50 set up For your money, you get: Time spent with Laurie to discuss your particular riding style and the kinds of riding you do. He weighs and measures you and then measures up your bike Laurie then adjusts your standard suspension (within the limits of whats available) […]

What we’ve done

Suspension Smith has many satisfied customers. As well as general suspension servicing, Laurie is always pushing the boundaries and coming up with new ideas. Currently in the workshop there is a new Girder-style front set-up being created:


Truly good service and attitude deserves to be spread by word of mouth! -Yonex Laurie’s saved my bacon 3 times now, once by performing the fastest off-the-street fork seal swap I’ve ever seen. And I don’t think you’d ever find customer service as good *anywhere* else. and that’s not your run of the mill exaggeration, […]

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